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The Buck Stops Here!

Saddle up for the new city slicker rodeo craze hitting major events across the country: mechanical bull riding. Giving the event a distinctive rodeo look and a memorable experience that ticketholders will look back on for years, mechanical bucking bulls are an instant crowd-magnet-- any passing California partygoer or fairgoer will have to try the fun and see the unique mechanical bull corrals.

Mechanical bulls from Big Bubba’s Bull Riding bring in a concession with undeniable allure and endless entertainment for all ages.

True Cowboys and cowgirls and Wanna-be’s test their true grit by waving an arm in the air on the handsome and authentic looking mechanical rodeo bulls from Big Bubba’s Bull Riding. Ladies let loose for good laugh and have a hoot ‘n’ hollerin’ fun time while they’re at it. Youngsters and oldies alike gravitate toward the challenge as much as the spectacle. And the crowds never die down as rider after brave mechanical bull rider hops on for a hilariously entertaining ride on top of a mechanical bucking bull.

Based on the long western tradition of bull riding, mechanical bull rides bring the flair of the rodeo to any California event, and appeal to any wanna be, wild-west-dreaming, chap-wearing farm boy or 4-H girl.

As seen in the photo gallery, the popular Big Bubba’s Bull Riding concessions include:

  • life-size, durable and charming mechanical bulls
  • metal “bucking chutes” or stalls
  • padded flooring for safe, soft dismounts
  • a state-of-the-art DJ sound system for a personalized ride
  • large, flat-screen televisions for the crowds’ viewing pleasure
  • bright, alluring signs and banners to attract more bull riders
  • world-class insurance (the best money can buy)

Give your fair some western flair and give fairgoers a thrill to remember with mechanical bull riding by Big Bubba’s Bull Riding. Whether kids squeal and laugh about their ride on the mechanical bucking bull or parents and grandparents grin about their family’s photos of riding the mechanical rodeo bull, this attraction is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Learn more about Big Bubba’s Bull Riding and their long history of success at fairs all over the west, or contact us today to rent a mechanical bull for your party or event or to speak to Sharp Concepts regarding your California festival or fair.

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